Administration building makeover

Pukaskwa National Park

by Mehdi Eliraqi

The Administration Building at Pukaskwa National Park is undergoing a major makeover. The wooden exterior of the structure had been worn down by decades of exposure to the surrounding forest environment. The building exterior and systems have been rehabilitated to maximise comfort and minimise energy use.

Much of the wooden siding exterior of the structure had given way to rot, and water was beginning to make its way through the insulation and wooden structural members of the building. The boiler and air circulation systems were no longer functioning properly and the flow of heat throughout the interior during the cold winter season left much to be desired.

The rehabilitation of the structure took aim to address these concerns as well as improve the efficiency of the heating systems to help address rising energy costs. The new fiber cement siding was selected for the minimal maintenance required and long lifecycle associated with the material. Two inches of rigid insulation were added to the exterior of the building to help keep the cold out and the heat in, and an advanced control system is being installed to ensure maximum efficiency. The number of windows were reduced and they have been changed to triple pane windows. The project was 80% complete as of January, but already there has been a huge improvement to the interior comfort and efficiency of the building, and the exterior appearance.

The project is expected to be completed by summer.

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