Must-see features on Mdaabii Miikna

Pukaskwa National Park

by Jennifer Metherel-Potter

On September 27, 2016 the Parks Canada Visitor Experience team at Pukaskwa National Park embarked on a 3-day, 2-night hiking trip on the park’s new backcountry trail, Mdaabii Miikna. Our mission was to hike the trail in preparation for its May 15, 2017 opening. As we trekked along, we experienced the trail as visitors would and from this awesome adventure, we thought we would share our list of Mdaabii Miikna’s must-see features:

A person hiking
A natural rock tunnel
  1. A natural rock tunnel
  2. Yes, you read that right! A rock tunnel…how neat is that? This large rock feature, which is located just north of campsite PRH1, may be a tall man’s misery - but who can resist the thrill of literally climbing through a wilderness gateway?

  3. Tent platforms at campsite PH3
  4. Have you ever wished you could set up camp on a rocky outcrop overlooking a lake vista but knew that it would be the worst sleep ever? Well, do we have a site for you! At campsite PH3, on the south shore of Playter Harbour, we have built 3 awesome wooden tent platforms that provide visitors with great sleeping quarters right next to the Lake Superior shoreline. The site amenities include soothing water sounds, a thousand or more stars, a smooth boulder beach and awe-inspiring sunsets.

  5. Soft mossy forest floor
  6. This trail has its fair share of rocky escarpments but it also features the most serene moss-covered forest areas. These mossy spaces are coloured a brilliant shade of green and look softer than the beds we all sleep in. These unique wilderness openings are truly magical and majestic.

    A person sitting in front of a tent
    Tent platforms at campsite PH3
  7. Panoramic view of Picture Rock Harbour
  8. After a steep climb north of campsite PRH1, a hop over a significant rock crack and a jaunt over a large bridge, hikers are rewarded with a panoramic view of Picture Rock Harbour. The scene is filled with silver rock, turquoise water and emerald leaves. The colours are mesmerizing and truly offer a camera worthy opportunity.

Dreaming of your own hike on Mdaabii Miikna? Check out the park’s backcountry hiking trip planner for more information.

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