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Pukaskwa National Park

By Svenja Hansen

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shoreLINES is about to enter its third year. Parks Canada wants to know if the information we are flowing your way is of interest and useful. Do you have a burning question about Parks Canada’s work in northern Ontario that you’d like us to address in an upcoming story? We want to hear from you!

As Parks Canada’s guides and guardians we get to see beautiful places from often spectacular and unique perspectives, whether it’s from the bowels of the Sault Canal Powerhouse or a helicopter heading to a fire in Pukaskwa. We also have the pleasure and privilege of meeting interesting and fun folks—like you.

We are aware some of you have been sharing shoreLINES with your friends and membership. Thank you, we assume that means you find the stories meaningful and relevant. But maybe there is something we haven’t touched on in a story.

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