White River Suspension Bridge Trail

Pukaskwa National Park

Looking for a challenging and scenic day-hike? An impressive view from high above a roaring waterfall? The White River Suspension Bridge Trail beckons—a natural escape with an adrenaline-pumping twist.

Welcome to the ultimate “walk in the park”—an 18-kilometre day-hike showcasing Pukaskwa’s pristine ecoregions. Set out on this trail—look for animal tracks and scat—leading past a prescribed burn site that illuminates the life, death and rebirth of the boreal forest. This path soon becomes a wooden boardwalk as it wanders atop wetland—listen for toads and keep a close eye out for moose and beavers. Onward, the route challenges with heaving Canadian Shield terrain. Take a snack and a pit stop at Playter Harbour campsite—on warm summer days, these calm waters invite you for a brisk swim. A storybook forest of stunted jackpine leads through the next leg—culminating at the White River Suspension Bridge, a swaying span set 23 metres above powerful Chigamiwinigum Falls. Marvel at the view, sign the logbook to mark your accomplishment and ponder a future visit—this is only the first leg of the famous Coastal Hiking Trail!

May to mid-October annually.

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