Heritage Hide’n’Seek Geocache Series

Pukaskwa National Park

The Heritage Hide’n’Seek Geocache Series isn’t your typical history or geography lesson. Get ready to explore Northern Ontario and discover how its people, places and events shaped the Canada we know today. Find the caches, answer the questions, collect at least 100 points, and you’ll be eligible for a collectible Heritage Hide‘n’Seek geocoin.

To participate, here's what you need to do

  • Print your passport.
  • Obtain more information on the caches from www.geocaching.com. Joining is free. Search by geocaching code (GC) found on the passport.
  • Use a GPS or smartphone to find the caches along your travel route(s) throughout Northern Ontario.
  • Sign the logbook inside the cache and also log your find on www.geocaching.com
  • Answer the corresponding question on the passport.
  • Send your completed passport to: Parks Canada – Heritage Hide’n’Seek Geocache Series, 201 May Street North, Suite 201, Thunder Bay ON P7C 3P4

Heritage Hide’n’Seek Passport
Heritage Hide’n’Seek Passport Questions
Cache name (GC code) Point value Question
HHS - Lest we forget our Routes (GC45M3T) 30 What separates the Mattawa’s headwaters from Lake Nipissing and the Lake Huron drainage?
HHS - All-Go-In (GC46KXE) 20 What activities make Algonquin Park a source of much discussion?
HHS - Stroke of Genius (GC45TRZ) 10 When did Thomson first visit Algonquin Provincial Park?
HHS - Exploring for a Living (GC45GM1) 20 When did Radisson get his English citizenship?
HHS - Mining in Canada (GC45GXK) 60 What policy did the cobalt boom influence?
HHS - Surveyor Says (GC872M4) 80 In what year did Phillip Turnor return to London?
HHS - A Soldier’s Life (GC649VM) 20 Who may have owned Civilian Structure 2 just outside Fort St. Joseph?
HHS - All Fort One and One Fort All (GC45GWD) 20 Who lead the expedition which captured Michilimackinac on July 17, 1812?
HHS - Rains Point (GC649HA) 10 What extinct creatures might you find in the limestone fossils on the beach at Rains Point?
HHS - Sault Ste. Marie Commerce (GC472WH) 30 Who were some noteworthy visitors to Ermatinger House?
HHS - Will you lock at that--a boat (GC45GNN) 30 Where was the electrical power to operate the historic canal produced?
HHS - Perry G. Walker (GC55DRK) 20 How many motorhouses did the original lock have?
HHS - All Aboard (GC7Y163) 10 How many radiating pit tracks does the Algoma Central Engine House contain?
HHS - Honk! Honk! (GC7PPW5) 10 How long is the Trans-Canada Highway?
HHS - Logging on the White River (GC6EP7Z) 30 How was the flow of logs at Chigaamiwinigum Falls controlled during the drive?
HHS - Bimose Kinoomagewnan (GC5BQBG) 20 What is Elder Alvina Michano’s Anishinaabe name?
HHS - Manito Miikana (GC53P0J) 10 What is the Ojibway word used by the Pic River First Nation for Lake Superior?
HHS - Superior Influence (GC53P46) 10 List two adaptations of arctic alpine plants making them well suited for a cool, dry and windy climate?
HHS - Fire and Ice (GC53NRC) 10 What evidence of fire and ice can you see at ground zero of this geocache?
HHS - Boreal Phoenix (GC53NHE) 10 What was the date and time the Hattie Cove prescribed fire began?
HHS - A Prickly Situation (GC53NBD) 10 How can you help protect Pitcher’s Thistle in Pukaskwa?
HHS - O Canada (GC45TNT) 20 How many detention camps housed Great Britain's military prisoners and enemy aliens in Canada?
HHS - Terrace Vista (GC4T2FE) 10 How many stairs did you climb to get to this lookout?
HHS - Rossport Warmth (GC4T2FP) 10 Describe the geocaching container used for this hide.
HHS - Red Rock Rocks (GC4T2F5) 10 What is the colour of the closest navigational instrument/tool?
HHS - Canadian Visionaries (GC455RQ) 30 What year did C. D. Howe immigrate to Canada?
HHS - Who built this city? (GC46W2Z) 30 Where did the Welch Company get its name?
HHS - A River Flows through It (GC42V5P) 30 Who was responsible for the naming of Prince Arthur's Landing?
HHS - Grains, trains and ships (GC7Y15K) 10 When did the Canadian Pacific Railway construct the first terminal grain elevator at the Lakehead?
HHS - What's in a Name? (GC45TQ5) 10 Who was the first non-aboriginal person to travel the Kaministiquia route, and when did they?
HHS - Go west young man (GC602C1) 20 What was the name of the first post on Rainy Lake?
HHS - May the Spirit be with you (GC46DRW) 30 What does Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung mean in English?

Bring your own pencil, as each cache is only large enough to contain a logbook. No trade items, please, as they may attract wildlife.
Respect the natural surroundings by staying on marked trails – all geocaches are directly accessible from trails or public areas.
Caches may not be accessible in winter.

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