Thousand Islands National Park

Restricted activity order: Generator restrictions

Issued: January 18, 2021

Generator restrictions 

What: Pursuant to Section 7(1) of the National Parks General Regulations, the following activities are prohibited by order of the Superintendent:

The operation of charging systems, including inboard & stand-alone generators and boat engines, while moored to, or camping on, the listed islands of Thousand Islands National Park of Canada.


  • Stovin Island
  • Adelaide Island
  • Grenadier Island - East
  • Grenadier Island - North 
  • Grenadier Island - West 
  • Georgina Island
  • Constance Island
  • Mulcaster Island
  • Gordon Island
  • Endymion Island
  • Camelot Island
  • Thwartway Island
  • Mermaid Island
  • Aubrey Island
  • Milton Island
  • Cedar Island

Why: To reduce impacts on the ecological integrity of the park and to minimize noise and disturbance on the islands and enhance visitor experience.

Note: Violators may be charged under the Canada National Parks Act.

Start date: 2019-04-01

End date: Until further notice

Date modified :