Safety and guidelines

Thousand Islands National Park

We rarely head out for an outdoor adventure with the expectation that something will go wrong. Most of the time everything will be fine, but, sometimes the unexpected happens. To prevent getting into a dangerous situation, it’s important that you are well informed and prepared every time you head out.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. At Parks Canada, we do our part to help you have a safe visit by assessing risks, managing hazards, and sharing important safety information. You can do your part by researching and preparing in advance, so that you can make the best decisions and have a safe visit to the park. Make sure you are fully prepared for whatever activities you choose to participate in so you can have a safe, enjoyable and memorable visit. Please read through these webpages, or stop at our visitor centre to speak with park staff for the most up-to-date information.

If you encounter a hazard at any of our facilities please let us know at 613-923-5261 or Please note that park facilities are not open or actively maintained after Thanksgiving until the park reopens for the Victoria Day long weekend in May.

Weather and water

Weather and water conditions, severe weather, heat related emergencies.

Plants and wildlife

Raccoons, ticks, wasps, noxious plants, bears and coyotes. 




For information on things to do in the park and hazards specific to those activities please visit our Activities page.

Trip Planning

Weather and water conditions, severe weather, heat related emergencies. 

Rules and regulations

We want all park users to have a memorable visitor experience. To protect the park’s resources and your safety, regulations are enforced.

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Emergency Contacts

Cellular phones 
A cellular phone can be valuable for emergency use in Thousand Islands; however, you should never rely on using one. Cellular service in Thousand Islands will vary depending on your phone, your service provider, and your location.  Many park islands have a civic address at the dock.  Please provide this information to emergency services to aid in response. 

Police, Fire, Ambulance
(emergency only) 911

Wildlife incidents/Wildfires

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