Emergencies and rescue capability

Ukkusiksalik National Park

Ukkusiksalik is one of the most remote parks in North America, and rescue services and facilities are very limited. Although the park’s public safety staff are trained in first aid, patient stabilization and evacuation in non-technical terrain, park search and rescue operations may be delayed by poor weather conditions, geography, aircraft or staff availability. The only first aid available to your party is the expertise your party holds. Your party should include a licensed guide experienced in arctic travel and who is familiar with the area. Nonetheless, you should be prepared and experienced to handle any emergency without the assistance of the guide.

To help us and yourself, please:

  • Be self-reliant and responsible for your own safety.
  • Have the required equipment, knowledge, skills and physical fitness.
  • Consider the public safety information and advice provided by Parks Canada.
  • Seek out additional advice from our staff if you are uncertain about what you may encounter.
  • Follow the public safety registration and de-registration program.
  • Be prepared for emergencies (medical, wildlife or weather related).

When will a search be initiated?

A search and rescue response will be initiated when a distress signal is reported or, if a group fails to de-register, on the date indicated on their registration forms or shortly thereafter. In the case of an overdue group, a physical search may not occur until at least 48 hours after the de-registration date has passed.

Do not forget to de-register!

Visitors who fail to de-register place an unnecessary burden on our limited search and rescue capabilities. You can place rescue staff in danger and make the rescue team unavailable for a real emergency. Please remember to visit or call our Parks Canada office upon your safe return from the park.

In case of emergency, call the 24-hour emergency dispatch line: 780-852-3100.

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