Wildlife safety

Ukkusiksalik National Park

Polar bears are far more abundant in Ukkusiksalik than in most other Arctic parks. Several encounters are likely on any trip. Because of this extreme danger, visitors must travel in the park with a properly equipped and trained guide who is experienced in polar bear country.

Foxes and wolves can carry rabies. Do not allow them to approach you. Be especially suspicious if wildlife appears friendly or tame.

Birds and wildlife are inquisitive and opportunistic. They will scavenge food left out and raid caches that are not securely stashed. Make sure food and garbage is securely stored at all times.

Walrus or whales can be aggressive and easily upset a boat. Keep your distance.

Grizzly bears, muskoxen and wolverines have been sighted in the park and do not like to be approached. Keep a safe distance.

As a general rule, keep a safe distance from all wildlife and remember that it is illegal to touch, feed or entice wildlife with food items in a national park.

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