Facilities and services

Auyuittuq National Park

Emergency shelters

There are 9 emergency shelters (and outhouses) located along the Akshayuk Pass. We maintain the shelters for your safety in case of extreme weather or polar bear threats and they are to be used in emergency situations only.

The emergency shelters are never locked and are equipped with a single side band 2-way radio that is monitored during regular business hours by our staff in peak season (April, July, August) in case of emergencies. A general radio broadcast is given twice a day from the park office at 8:45am and 4:45pm. Please use the radios at this time to listen for current weather, trail conditions, polar bear updates or to contact Parks Canada staff to relay a message to an outfitter. Please Note: though these radios can be useful at times they are unreliable.

If an emergency requires you to use a shelter, please keep the emergency shelters tidy and bar the door when you leave. Food and trash are animal attractants and odours will linger.

Emergency shelter regulations
  • Do not sleep in the shelters.
  • Do not cook in the shelters.
  • Do not store food, fuel or equipment.
  • Do not leave garbage behind.


Human waste decomposes slowly in arctic environments. Men are encouraged to urinate outside however for privacy reasons women may use the outhouses. Everyone may use the outhouses to defecate. If you are unable to use an outhouse, go at least 100 metres from lakes and streams and 50 metres from trails. Leave feces exposed to air to decompose faster. Toilet paper can be burned, packed out or disposed of in the next outhouse.

Do not dispose of any garbage in outhouses - pack it out.

Emergency cache barrels

Emergency cache barrels are found near major river crossings in case you lose essential gear while crossing rivers and need this assistance to exit the park. Locations and contents of cache barrels will be covered in your orientation.

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