Today's Danger Level and Fire Status Map

Fires in Wood Buffalo National Park

Fire is a natural part of the boreal forest ecosystem in Wood Buffalo National Park (WBNP) and is the main method by which the forest renews itself. As such, it is a natural process and a necessary part of maintaining a healthy forest landscape. However, when fires endanger values such as communities, cabins, access routes and park facilities, the Fire Management Team at WBNP respond to the threat. This response can range from monitoring the fire to direct or indirect action fire depending on the size of the fire, proximity to values at risk, weather conditions and the landscape through which the fire is moving.

Reporting a Fire:

To report a fire within the park boundary, please call the Fire Duty Officer`s cell at (867) 621-0136.

Fire Information:

Fire Information Officer

Fire History in WBNP

Below is a series of charts that show a history of forest fire activity in WBNP.

WBNP Ignition Rates 1962 - 2017

 ignition rates
SW NWT Ignition Rates


WBNP Hectares Burned 1962 - 2017

hectares burned

SW NWT Hectares Burned


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