Backcountry Camping

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Fall colors

For 2024: Backcountry camping permits will only be issued to campers with itineraries that are outside of recently burned areas. This is due to the impacts from the 2023 wildfire season and remaining hazards.

Fire-related closures may still be in place. Please respect all area closures. To get the most up-to-date list of open and closed areas, please visit

Random camping is available year round with a backcountry camping permit. With no designated backcountry sites, you can plan your own adventure.

Register and get your permit by visiting or calling the Wood Buffalo National Park at 867-872-7960. Fees apply.

Need help planning? Contact a Parks Canada team member at 867-872-7960 or by emailing Our friendly Visitor Centre staff will be happy to provide insights and advice for your next backcountry adventure.

Know before you go

  • Be sure that you set up your campsite at least:
    • 50 metres from any water source
    • 100 metres from any road or trail
    • 1 kilometre from any trailhead or day-use area
  • Water quality varies throughout the park with some sources being silty and/or saline.
  • Practice Leave No Trace
  • De-registration with park staff is optional. If you choose to de-register with us and do not return by the planned date and time, we will initiate a search and rescue response soon after.
  • Review some Backcountry Safety information before your trip.

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