Quick Facts

  • Nááts'įhch'oh National Park Reserve is Canada’s 44th national park.
  • The national park reserve is 4,895 square kilometers in size.
  • When combined with the adjacent Nahanni National Park Reserve, the size of the two parks totals almost 35,000 square kilometers, making it the third largest protected area in Parks Canada’s system.
  • Nááts'įhch'oh and Nahanni national park reserves together protect 86 per cent of the South Nahanni watershed.
  • Travellers on the Tehjeh Deé (South Nahanni River), a Canadian Heritage River, can start their journey at Nááts’įhch’oh Tué  (Moose Ponds) and Mount Nááts'įhch'oh (Mount Wilson), the mountain after which the national park reserve is named.

Nááts'įhch'oh National Park Reserve adjoins Nahanni National Park Reserve (which was significantly expanded in 2009) and it touches the Yukon boundary to the West. This area has been travelled and valued for hunting and its cultural importance by the Shúhtaot’ine (Mountain Dene) of the Tulita District. The mountain from which the park takes its name is credited with great powers.

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