Sable Island National Park Reserve

Sable Island’s climate is tempered by the ocean and is usually milder than mainland Nova Scotia. Located in the North Atlantic, Sable Island is the windiest place in Nova Scotia, and is subject to frequent fog. Prepare for a variety of weather conditions when visiting the island in any season.

Weather forecast and current weather conditions on Sable Island (Environment Canada)

Although it can be subject to severe weather conditions, including strong winds, the winter temperatures rarely drop below -13oC, with normals between -5oC and 5oC. Summer temperatures in August do not usually rise above 25oC. 

In extreme wind events, please stay indoors if possible and ensure that windows and doors are securely closed and latched. If you must go outside, use exits on the down-wind side of buildings. Pay attention to dangers that exist upwind; there is usually little warning before debris on the ground or parts of buildings become airborne. If you hear flapping, or other noises suggesting something is loose and blowing in the wind, please notify island personnel.

In lightning conditions, stay inside and avoid telephones and metal equipment.

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