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Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Over 100 kilometers of rugged, wave-pounded cliffs, sheltered coves and long curving beaches mark the breathtaking journey to Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Every turn inspires a photograph.

Some 26 hiking trails are carved out along the coastline, across mountaintops, and tucked into forested valleys. The Skyline Trail leads to a breathtaking headland above the Atlantic, where mountains meet sea. View the Chéticamp River valley from the gorgeous Acadian Trail. Lone Shieling is a walk through 350 year-old sugar maples. And Fishing Cove leads from mountain top to secluded ocean cove.

You might spot a bear eating blueberries, or notice velvety moose antlers poking out between spruce and fir boughs. Overhead, bald eagles, hawks, and cormorants soar. Along the coast, catch a glimpse of plunge-diving northern gannets, bobbing seals, and, peeking out of the ocean waves, minke or humpback whales.

Stay awhile to enjoy swimming, golf, ocean and beach-front camping, and of course, the warm welcome from the fishing communities you’ll pass along the way, where you can stop to take in a ceilidh or a yummy dinner of fresh local seafood.

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