The Inuit Story

Torngat Mountains National Park

Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station offers visitors daily excursions from base camp into the park and the surrounding landscape. Parks Canada staff provide interpretive programming on all trips in the park, and with logistical support from Torngat Mountains Base Camp, we are able to offer visitors a wide range of experiences. Here you will find descriptions of some of the day trips many visitors will have an opportunity to experience. 

The Inuit Story

The remote and wild landscape of Torngat Mountains National Park is an Inuit homeland. Inuit have thrived here for centuries, travelling and hunting with their families along the shores of the Labrador Sea. Today, as evidenced by the mythology of Inuit and a deep sense of spirituality, the relationships between the land, animals, and Inuit still hold strong. The park offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the deep connections between a place and its people.

The Spirits of Sallikuluk (Rose Island)

Travel across the waters of Saglek Bay to Sallikuluk, an island which has been a cultural epicentre for the region’s Inuit for centuries and is home to over 600 traditional Inuit graves, cairns and burial mounds. On this full-day excursion from Torngat Mountains Base Camp, you will visit the remains of tent rings and sod houses where Inuit once lived, hear stories about this important landscape from Inuit and watch the shorelines for meandering polar bears together.

Picnic, Hike, and Swim at Silluak (North Arm)

Watch for whales, seals and icebergs and travel between 900-metre-(3,000-foot) high soaring fjord walls on a full-day boat excursion to Silluak (North Arm). Come ashore and spend time with Inuit as they prepare freshly caught Arctic char, seared the traditional way on a flat rock over an open fire. Take an easy hike to waterfalls nearby and learn about the many archeological features along the way - ancient food caches and hunting blinds made from stone where Inuit once waited for passing caribou. Then, at a clear indigo mountain lake with a sandy beach, take a dip in crisp waters for a refreshing experience!

Tea at the Old Village in Ramah

Stroll along the shore in Ramah Bay among the remnants of early European and Inuit lifestyles. These two cultures lived side-by-side in the middle of the Torngat Mountains wilderness at a small mission run by the Moravian Church from 1871 until 1908. Then walk to a stunning waterfall and settle down in this scenic spot to enjoy a cup of tea around a fire.

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