Long Range Video

Gros Morne National Park

Backpacking in the Long Range mountains can be both appealing and scary. Here's what to expect on our wilderness routes.

Backpacking in the Long Range - What to Expect

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[Cliffs seen from above] [Text: Gros Morne National Park]

[A woman hiking in a mountain landscape] [Text:Backpacking in the Long Range Mountain]



[Long Range Mountain from above] [Text:Backpacking in the Long Range Mountains]

[Text: Climb 700m to rugged highlands]

[Hiking boots]

[A woman in the backcountry] [Text: Unmarked wilderness route]

[Text: Challenging and rewarding backpacking routes]

[People using a map and a compass]

[Text:Excellent navigation skills required]

[Challenging for even vary exprienced backpackers]

[Text: Be prepared for:]

[View from the Long Range plateau]

[A man surrounded by black flies][Text: lots of biting flies]

[Text: River crossings - could be waist high]

[Boots hiking in muddy conditions][Text: Mud and more mud]

[A man hiking on a snow patch][Text:Snow in summer]

[A muddy boot]

[Text: Fog - making navigation difficult]

[Text: Extreme weather- cold, windy and wet]

[Text: Impenetrable areas of stunted forest - called Tuckamore]

[View of Gros Morne mountain] [Text: Route options include:]

[People hiking the Long Range][Text:The Long Range Traverse (3-5 days)]

[Text:and the Northern Traverse(3-4 days)]

[Text:Book early - reservations required]

[An alpine flower][Text: For a shorter trip]

[Text: Join a guide up the Western Brook Pond gorge]

[Hiker in the Western Brook Pond valley]

[Text: Hike it as a day hike or as an overnight trip]

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