Visitor reception centre

Kouchibouguac National Park

On your next visit to Kouchibouguac, take the time to stop at the Visitor Reception Centre and talk to our staff, check out our new exhibits, watch our audio-visual presentation in the Theatre or buy a souvenir at the gift shop.


In order to better serve visitors, the reception area has undergone several changes. The new reception desk and its location facing the main entrance will allow staff to better serve and more directly engage visitors.

As well, the surrounding wall-size, eye-catching park orientation map, interactive program, and contemporary brochure displays will allow visitors to more successfully plan both their experiences in the park, throughout the region, and at other national parks and national historic sites.


  • Memories of Our Communities: Learn, contemplate and reflect on the history of the once-thriving communities and the turmoil caused by the expropriation of the former Acadian and English-speaking residents’ lands to create the park.
  • Where Land, Sea and People Meet: Discover the park`s awe-inspiring coastal geography and ever changing ecosystems, and its centuries old dynamic human history.

Audio-visual presentation

The theatre is closed for the 2022 season.

  • Naturally Captivating: the Kouchibouguac Coastal Experience: Starring the Park`s different habitats throughout the 4 seasons and Park users.


Visit the park's brand new store! (More details to come)

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