Kouchibouguac National Park

Paddling in Kouchibouguac is an excellent opportunity to see the park like you've never seen it before!

Short or long distance paddles bring you to destinations that offer discovery, seclusion and peace. Canoe, kayak, paddleboat, paddleboard or rowboat along the waterways where the Mi'gmaq paddled for thousands of years.  

If you choose to spend the night, two primitive campgrounds are available for canoe camping: Sipu and Pointe-à-Maxime.

Recommended excursions

Two canoes paddle underneath a pine tree leaning over the river

Find the leaning pine tree!

A paddle of approximately 20 minutes from Ryans. Make your way up Kouchibouguac River – West. The best way to really appreciate the view of this “bonsaï tree” is from the water.

The tree, which grows out of a sandstone outcropping, stretches itself horizontally over the river while its roots stay firmly planted in the stone. Don’t forget your camera!

A person on a paddleboard paddling on a river in the fall.


Test your balance and core strength and try stand up paddleboarding on the Kouchibouguac lagoon. Rise early with the sun and try yoga on a paddleboard or take the whole family out to explore along the shoreline of the park.

Whether you’re looking for a more relaxing day, or a good core workout, paddleboarding is a great way to explore Kouchibouguac on the water.

Three kayakers looking at a wharf in the distance

Excursion from Ryans to Major Kollock Creek

Paddle your way south to Major Kollock Creek. You will be gliding through the lagoon's shallow and wind protected waters. Along the way you will pass under Kellys Beach boardwalk.

Follow along the shore until you arrive at an opening that leads to Major Kollock bridge. Go under the bridge and up the creek. You're almost there because the creek narrows down quickly.

You'll need between 2 to 3 hours for this return trip.

Image gallery
  • a kayak heading towards the estuary.
  • A person on a paddleboard paddling on a river in the fall.
  • A kayaker on the river in the fall.
  • Two kayakers on a lagoon.
  • Visitors carrying their canoe on the floating dock.
  • Kayakers paddle on the river. A fishing wharf can be seen in the background.
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