Fundy National Park

Mammals of all sizes occur in Fundy National Park, both in the uplands and the coastal ecological areas of the Acadian Forest found in southern New Brunswick. Of the 38 species in the park, those most commonly seen include the snowshoe hare, chipmunk, red squirrel, eastern coyote, white-tailed deer and moose.

A moose in the forest

Moose are the largest animals in the park and may weigh 1000 kilograms, but the average is more in the 300-350 kg range. They feed primarily in lakes and wetlands, but may browse along road sides at dusk. Please use extra caution and respect signage while driving in the park, especially at night!

Near the other end of the size spectrum, squirrels are one of the smaller mammals found in the park, Fundy also has mice, shrews, and a number of other species that are even smaller! But that doesn’t mean that they are not an important ecological link in the ecosystem, or that their presence goes unnoticed.

Darkness in Fundy brings the forest even more alive. Many species are active at night, including various mice and shrews, raccoon, black bear, beaver and the common yet elusive northern flying squirrel.

Mammals in Fundy National Park

Common Name Scientific Name
Moose Alces americanus
Northern Short-tailed Shrew Blarina brevicauda
Coyote Canis latrans
North American Beaver Castor Canadensis
Star-nosed Mole Condylura cristata
Big Brown Bat Eptesicus fuscus
North American Porcupine Erethizon dorsata
Northern flying squirrel Glaucomys sabrinus
Silver-haired Bat Lasionycteris noctivagans
Eastern Red Bat Lasiurus borealis
Hoary Bat Lasiurus cinereus
Snowshoe Hare Lepus americanus
North American River Otter Lontra Canadensis
Canada Lynx Lynx canadensis
Bobcat Lynx rufus
Woodchuck Marmota monax
American Marten Martes Americana
Striped Skunk Mephitis mephitis
Meadow Vole Microtus pennsylvanicus
House Mouse Mus musculus
Stoat Mustela erminea
Southern Red-backed Vole Myodes gapperi
Little Brown Myotis Myotis lucifugus
Northern Myotis Myotis septentrionalis
Woodland Jumping Mouse Napaeozapus insignis
White-tailed Deer Odocoileus virginianus
Common Muskrat Ondatra zibethicus
Fisher Pekania pennanti
North American Deer Mouse Peromyscus maniculatus
Raccoon Procyon lotor
Eastern Grey Squirrel Sciurus carolinensis
Masked Shrew Sorex cinereus
Smoky Shrew Sorex fumeus
American Pygmy Shrew Sorex hoyi
American Water Shrew Sorex palustris
Eastern Chipmunk Tamias striatus
Red Squirrel Tamiasciurus hudsonicus
American Black Bear Ursus americanus
American Mink Neovison vison
Red Fox Vulpes vulpes
Meadow Jumping Mouse Zapus hudsonius

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