Fundy National Park

Recovering Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon

Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon have lived for thousands of years in the Bay of Fundy, connecting forests to the ocean. However, wild salmon have disappeared from the region, leaving the population at risk of extinction. Now, Parks Canada is working with its partners to bring the King of Fish back to Fundy Rivers.

Trails Conservation and Restoration

Fundy National Park is working to transition its trail system into a more ecologically sustainable network. The intent of this work is to build stimulating, sustainable and educational trail experiences while reducing the ecological impacts to the land.

Pollinator garden project

We’ve planted our own pollinator garden at the bluff across from the Headquarters Visitor Centre. Stop by and you might see a yellow-banded bumblebee, a monarch butterfly, or even a ruby-throated hummingbird! Our garden is a gateway to the world of pollinators. We hope you explore and become inspired to plant a garden too.

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