Complex - Class 3

Mountain safety

Waterfall Ice Climbing and Avalanches

Avalanche symbol

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Routes with frequent exposure to multiple overlapping avalanche paths or large expanses of steep, open terrain; multiple avalanche starting zones and terrain traps or cliffs below.

Banff National Park

The Terminator 
Sea of Vapours
The Replicant
La Goutte
Sacre Blue
Spray River Falls
Cascade Waterfall
The Urs Hole
Bourgeau Right-Hand
Bourgeau Left-Hand
Linda Ice Nine
Gimme Shelter
The Tease
Transparent Fool (approach)
Oh Le $#&%$#
Whoa Whoa Capitaine
Mt. Wilson Routes
Ice Nine
Polar Circus
Professor Falls(last pitch)
Rocket Man
Trans Canada Iceways
Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Cadeau Cache
The Silver Lining
Pointless/Aimless Gullies
Cosmic Messenger

Jasper National Park

Echo Madness
Schism Game

Kootenay National Park

The French Reality
Acid Howl
Suffer Machine
Stanley Headwall
Ice Cannibal
Killer Pillar
Birthday Present
Storm Creek routes
Sinus Gully

Yoho National Park

Sad and Beautiful World 
Takkakaw Falls
Silk Tassel
Super Bock
Extra Lite
Cool Spring
Pilsner Pillar
Carlsberg Column
Cascade Kronenburg
Guiness Gully
Cold Choice
Blessed Rage

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