Simple - Class 1

Mountain safety

Waterfall Ice Climbing and Avalanches

Symbole d'avalanche

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Routes surrounded by low angle or primarily forested terrain; possible brief exposure time to infrequent avalanches.

* Denotes routes not exposed to avalanche hazards

Banff National Park

Bearspirit *
Johnston Canyon *
Louise Falls
Balfour Wall
Panther Falls
Mixed Master
Weeping Wall - Lower
Malignant Mushroom
Wicked Wanda
Fearful Symmetry
Rainbow Serpent

Jasper National Park

Tangle Falls *
Maligne Canyon Ice Climbs *
Edge of the World *
WAD Valley
Sunwapta Falls

Kootenay National Park

Haffner Creek*
Marble Canyon*

Yoho National Park

Iron Curtain


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