Research and monitoring

Yoho National Park


Our monitoring work is the voice of our flora and fauna. The information that we collect from insects, trees and wildlife tells us their story. We work hard to get their stories right! In Yoho we use three key indicators to measure how healthy our park ecosystems are: freshwater, forests and alpine. Each indicator has five measures. We monitor each of these measures every year so that we have a clear picture of whether or not we are successfully maintaining and restoring the park. This helps us to plan for and make decisions that will keep Yoho National Park intact for the present and the future.


When the environmental assessment process raises questions, research can answer them. When our monitoring program tells us that there are potential problems in park ecosystems, research helps us find ways to solve them. We begin by collecting data that gives us a detailed picture of the issue. We use this picture to come up with and test out solutions. We use the results to make improvements and solve problems.

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