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Kicking Horse Pass National Historic Site

Near the border of Yoho and Banff national parks, just east of Field, BC, Kicking Horse Pass winds a celebrated path through Canadian history. Descend the “Big Hill” from the lofty elevation of the pass staring down at a breathtaking mountain corridor and the wild braid of the Kicking Horse River. The pass and river are famously named after an incident when a member of the historic 1857 Palliser Expedition was kicked by a horse.

From viewpoints along the Trans-Canada Highway, watch in surprise as trains enter the corkscrew Spiral Tunnels and reappear at higher or lower points on the Rocky Mountain slopes. Learn about the role Kicking Horse Pass played in connecting Canada from coast-to-coast by rail in 1885. In Field, spot elk on the river flats, explore local railway lore or arrange a tour of the renowned Burgess Shale fossil beds.

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