Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site

The sights and sounds of the temperate rainforest and onwards into the alpine await those who want to more deeply explore the landscapes of Gwaii Haanas.

Mount Yatza (719m) is the highest point in the San Christoval Range, the mountains that run like a spine through Moresby Island. Many smaller islands also have secrets to share.

Just wandering the rocky shorelines or sandy beaches can also fill the day with wonder.

The view from Mount Yatza
The view from Mount Yatza © Parks Canada

If you go:
  • Gwaii Haanas has no established hiking trails.
  • Be prepared. Bring a topographic map, compass, VHF marine radio or satellite phone, proper footwear, rain gear, and a survival kit.
  • If you are climbing to the alpine region, be aware that conditions are often rugged and slippery.
  • To protect the sensitive and unique alpine vegetation, camp below the tree line and be sure to pack out all garbage.
  • Let someone know your travel plans, including your schedule and destination.

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