Kayak up-close to nature and Haida culture

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site

Savour the freedom of where your paddle takes you - the most intimate way to experience Gwaii Haanas is from a kayak seat, epi-centre of a 360-degree wilderness panorama.

Stash a camera in a waterproof bag, quick draw-ready for a bear ambling a beach, clownish puffins bobbing in the swell or a humpback whale surfacing with a startling blow. Paddle a rental kayak for a few days or a month, mapping your own adventure or on a guided expedition. Absorb Haida Gwaii Watchmen’s insights into culture, carved poles and vast longhouses resting in ruin at their ancestors’ village sites.

Soak in a rustic hot pool on Gandll K’in Gwaay.yaay (Hotspring Island). Pick a solitary island beach or headland and own it for the night, dining al fresco on a driftwood log with a view. Dangle your food stash in a tree out of bears’ reach, then fall asleep to the rhythm of the sea.

May to September annually.

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