Emergency assistance

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site


An emergency situation
An emergency situation © Parks Canada


If you find yourself in an emergency situation there are several ways you can request help. The following are the main options to reach for help. 

(Depending on how VHF radio repeaters are functioning and satellite service you may have to try one or several options before reaching someone).

Canadian Coast Guard
  • Marine VHF Channel 16. Stay on the channel for an answer. If you don’t get a response in 15 to 20 seconds try again.
  • By satellite phone (24-hour service): 1-250-363-6611.
Parks Canada
  • By satellite phone (24-hour service): 1-780-852-3100.
  • Note that Parks Canada staff monitor VHF Channel 16. They are contacted by the Coast Guard to assist with emergency situations, if in the vicinity.
Haida Gwaii Watchmen
  • Marine VHF Channel 6, within line-of-sight of Watchmen villages.

Satellite Locator Beacons
  •  In an emergency situation you can use an EPIRB device or PLB.

Note: Radio reception can be unreliable and there is no cell phone coverage in Gwaii Haanas. If your radio is not receiving a signal, try moving to a different, preferably higher, location. If you do not have a radio, use international distress signals like flares, fire and smoke signals, to draw attention to yourself. These should only be used if you have visual contact with another vessel/aircraft; to draw their attention to an emergency situation.

More details on emergency procedures can be found in our Visitor Guide.

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