Songbird monitoring

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

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A photo story

recording bird songs

The dawn chorus

Every year in the spring, park staff wake up early and record birdsongs at the same places in the park reserve’s forests. We send these recordings to bird experts who identify the birds.


pacific slope flycatcher© M. J. Porter

Top bird

The birdsong survey reveals 68 different kinds of birds in the park. The most common bird detected is the pacific slope flycatcher.

Learn more: Gulf Islands National Park Reserve - Bird Species List (PDF, 584 KB)


band tailed pigeon© P. Hall

Rare birds

We have also detected species at risk such as the olive-sided flycatcher and the band-tailed pigeon.


Sidney island

Birds and deer

Our songbird data shows fewer birds on islands with an overpopulation of deer. The deer eat the understory bushes the birds need to nest, feed and hide. A fenced area on Sidney Island shows what happens when you keep the hungry deer out.


songbird© M. J. Porter

Happy bird day

Keeping track of trends in birds tells us what’s happening in the forest. In turn, we can fulfill our commitment to protect natural areas for present and future generations!

Learn more: Gulf Islands National Park Reserve - Songbird Monitoring Factsheet (PDF, 576 KB) 

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