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Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

The park offers a variety of camping opportunities for families, backpackers, kayakers and boaters. If you have never been camping before, frontcountry camping (car camping) is a good way to start.

If you’re looking for a little more adventure, walk or hike into one of two walk-in backcountry campgrounds (Narvaez Bay on Saturna Island or Shingle Bay on North Pender Island). Or, for the ultimate adventure, paddle or boat to one of seven sites that are only accessible by water.

We offer three areas with mooring buoys and one dock for recreational overnight use.

If you are looking for a guided experience, we maintain a listing of all businesses licensed to operate within Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.


Online Reservations

Frontcountry reservations: Reservations are strongly recommended.

Backcountry reservations: We currently accept reservations for the following backcountry campgrounds:

  • Shingle Bay Campground, North Pender Island
  • Narvaez Bay Campground, Saturna Island

Note: If you are unable to register by phone OR if the campground is fully booked you must complete the self-registration process on site and setup inside the designated overflow area. Your self-registration permit must be displayed on your tent.

Self-registration: Self-registration envelopes and deposit boxes are available at all of our camping and mooring areas in the park.


Camping: Camping is only permitted within designated campgrounds inside the park. Use tent pads where provided.

Minimum age requirement for camping permit holders: In order to facilitate safe and enjoyable camping experiences in the park, and in keeping with British Columbia's age of majority, campers must be at least 19 years of age to obtain a camping permit at Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

Maximum length of stay: 14 days per calendar year (at all campgrounds).

Quiet hours: 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.

Garbage: Garbage facilities are provided only at SMONEĆTEN Campground and Prior Centennial Campground. Elsewhere, pack out everything you pack in. Keep a clean site at all times.

Pack in pack out: "Leave No Trace™" principles promote and inspire responsible outdoor recreation and stewardship. Learn more about Leave no Trace™ in Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

Fires: All campfire regulations can be found here. 

  • Portable Campfire Apparatuses are permitted at drive-in campgrounds (SMONEĆTEN Campground and Prior Centennial Campground) only. Portable campfire apparatuses must be CSA/ULC certified. Flame height must be below 15cm during posted fire bans. Portable campfire apparatuses are prohibited at all backcountry and day use areas (including Sidney Spit).
  • Briquette–fueled barbeques are prohibited in the backcountry and at Sidney Spit at all times and in the frontcountry drive in campgrounds during fire bans.
  • Gas-fueled outdoor stoves designed specifically for cooking are permitted in all areas of the park.

Dogs/pets: must be on leash at all times and their droppings must be removed from the park.

Alcohol: May be consumed in moderation only on registered campsites.

Maximum party sizes

Maximum overnight group size: 12 people

  • If you are planning an overnight activity with 13 or more people you will require a “special activity permit” from Parks Canada. 
  • Campsites also have party size limits:
    • Frontcountry campgrounds: 6 people per campsite
    • Backcountry campgrounds: 6 people per campsite (tent(s) must fit on tent pad)

Maximum day-use group size: 15 people

  • If you are planning a day trip in the park for more than 16 people you need to apply for a “special activity permit” from Parks Canada.


Water: Potable water only available at drive-in campgrounds (SMONEĆTEN Campground and Prior Centennial Campground). Please be advised there is no water available at any of our backcountry locations and on Sidney Island (Sidney Spit). Visitors must bring enough water for their party for the duration of their trip 

Marine distress:or #727

Park emergencies: To report a park offence/park emergency contact Parks Canada’s national dispatch service toll free at

Emergencies: Call 911

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