Wildlife hazards

Glacier National Park

Any wild animal can be dangerous. Even ground squirrels deserve distance and respect! They can bite and have been known to transmit disease. Humans are also dangerous to wildlife. Animals that are fed lose their fear of people and may end up being destroyed to protect human safety. Often we cannot even see the results of our presence on wildlife. Some animals may change their wild behaviour patterns to maintain access to human foods, disrupting their relationships with each other and with their natural foods and environment. Other animals may change their habits to avoid humans, even though by doing so they may forgo the use of important natural feeding areas.

Please do your part to limit the impact that so many people have on park wildlife. Give all the animals you see the respect they deserve and the space they need. Enjoy a safe visit and ensure that future generations have the chance to see wildlife that is truly wild.

Read more here about safety in bear country. Check with park staff when you arrive in the park about bear sightings and trail alerts. Ask park staff to learn more about reducing your risk of encountering bears when camping in the backcountry or what to do if you encounter a bear.

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