The Swiss Guides and Mountaineering

Glacier National Park

Swiss guides
Swiss guides
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In 1899, the Canadian Pacific Railway brought two Swiss guides to work at Glacier House in Rogers Pass. Riding the crest of growing interest in mountaineering in Europe and the United States, the railway advertised Canada's mountain parks as 50 Switzerlands in one and promoted the role guides played in enjoyable and safe mountain travel. The guides introduced safe climbing techniques, and helped establish a sense of appreciation of mountain environments in Canadians. The spectacular hiking trails radiating from the Illecillewaet campground area were laid out during the days of Glacier House to provide access to mountaineering routes. These trails, now enjoyed by thousands each year, are the legacy of the Swiss Guides in Glacier National Park.

Climbing Mount Tupper video

Uncompromising human daring and courage in the birthplace of Canadian mountaineering in Glacier National Park. A short video starring the famous Swiss Guide Edward Feuz.

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