Glacier National Park

Dog prohibition - Connaught Creek / Balu Pass trail

Issued: May 04, 2021

WHAT: Pursuant to section 7(1) of the National Parks Act General Regulations, entry into, or travel within, the Connaught Creek drainage in Glacier National Park of Canada with a dog is hereby designated as a prohibited activity.

WHERE: Connaught Creek

·         Connaught Creek from the Balu Pass trailheads to Balu Pass;

·         All slopes in Bruins Pass, Ursus Minor Bowl, Grizzly Bowl and Grizzly Shoulder;

·         All slopes of Cheops Mountain draining into Connaught Creek.

See attached map.

WHY: To protect the watershed which supplies potable water to Rogers Pass, Glacier National Park.

PENALTY: Violators may be charged under the Canada National Parks Act. Maximum penalty $25 000.

Start date: 2021-05-04

End date: Until further notice

Date modified :