Boundary Wildfire

Waterton Lakes National Park

On August 23, 2018, a wildfire was observed south of Waterton Lakes National Park in the Boundary Creek Valley, west of Upper Waterton Lake in Glacier National Park, U.S. On September 7, 2018, fire behaviour increased due to dry and windy conditions and the wildfire burned across the U.S. – Canada border and into Waterton Lakes National Park.

Wildfire quick facts

Location: Boundary Creek Valley, Glacier National Park (U.S.) and Waterton Lakes National Park

Size (approx): 1,100 hectares


  • U.S. fire managers will monitor the fire with air patrol and a remote camera.
  • Parks Canada and U.S. fire managers are coordinating efforts closely and are in constant communication about fire activity and response.
Photos: September 7 - 12
Photos: August 25 - 26
Photos: August 23 - 24

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