Business licences

Waterton Lakes National Park

Any person or corporation doing business in Waterton Lakes National Park must obtain a business licence.

Special events

Special events in Waterton Lakes National Park require a permit.

Guided business licences

Anyone wishing to operate a guided /outfitter activity in a national park in Canada is required to apply to Parks Canada for a business licence.

Weddings and ceremonies

Information on holding a wedding or ceremony in Waterton Lakes

Business means any trade, industry, employment, occupation, activity or special event carried on in a park for profit, gain, fund raising or commercial promotion, and includes an undertaking carried on in a park by a charitable organization, or by an organization or individual on a non-profit basis.

Anyone wishing to operate a guided / outfitter activity in a national park in Canada is required to apply to for a guided business licence prior to commencing guiding activities. Applications for guided outdoor activities to operate during the summer (April 1 to October 31) must be submitted prior to September 1. Applications for winter (November 1 to March 31) must be submitted prior to March 1.

How to get a business licence

To apply for a business licence, email Please allow 15 business days upon receipt of a completed application to process your business licence.

Applications are reviewed by Parks Canada to determine licence requirements and to ensure that the proposed business conforms to land use regulations and policy.


Once your application has been approved, Parks Canada will follow up with you about payment and provide information on work passes required to access the park. If you are applying to work in more than one mountain national park you are required to pay a separate fee for each park.


Most common business licence fees in Waterton Lakes National Park:

Automatic Machines (each) $64.25
Contractor (resident) $64.25
Contractor (non-resident) $106.50
General Merchandising $319.75
Grocery Store $64.25
News Stand $8.75
Novelty Shop $64.25
Photography (new) $204.50
Restaurant (each) $106.50
Retail Sales (resident) $64.25
Retail Sales (non-resident) $213.00
Tour business, Bus service or Motor Vehicle Rental $48.00
Trades – each tradesperson $8.75
Visitor Accommodation (each hotel or motel) $106.50
Other Business Licence (each business) $64.25

Changes to your business licence

Please contact us at for any of the following business changes:

  • Transfer to another owner (a new business licence application must be completed by the new owner)
  • Change to business name or contact information
  • Change of address or work site location
  • Change to nature of the business
  • Addition to the existing business

Business Licence Replacements

Business licence replacements will be processed on or after April 1 of each year. Parks Canada will send a renewal letter and invoice late in March with instructions on how to replace your licence.

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