Permits and licences

Waterton Lakes National Park

Looking to do business or hold an event in Waterton Lakes National Park? You’ll likely need a permit and/or licence.

Special events

Special events in Waterton Lakes National Park require a permit.

Business licences

Licences for businesses and contractors.

Guided business licences

Licenses for guided activities.

Development and building permits

Planning and development in Waterton Lakes.

Film and photography

Filming and photography projects.

Drones or unmanned air vehicles (UAV)

Drones are prohibited in Waterton Lakes.

Doing business in a National Park

Any person or corporation doing business in Waterton Lakes National Park must obtain a business licence.

Commercial film and photography

To film or photograph in the national parks, an application must be submitted to Parks Canada ten days prior to activities. If approved, a Film/Photography Permit will be issued which outlines conditions and supplementary requirements associated with the production. This information will assist in the preparation of a film/photography application.

Commercial Film and Photography Guidelines

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