Special event application

Jasper National Park

Thinking about holding a special event in Jasper National Park? Get the information you need before hosting an event in the park and review the steps for applying for a Special Event Licence.

Special events promote Jasper National Park as a year-round destination highlighting the deep history and significance of the park as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They facilitate meaningful visitor experiences that contribute to a sense of connection to place.

Special event applications are evaluated through a structured review process to ensure events meet regulatory and policy obligations; are safe, respect the Park and other visitors, and facilitate opportunities for understanding, appreciation and enjoyment.

  • Is it a Special Event?

    A special event is a temporary, planned activity or group of activities which is open to, or intended to, attract the public and which could have a significant impact on other visitors, wildlife, or the environment. Events can be conducted for recreation, entertainment, education, commemoration, promotion etc. purposes. Those participating in the event clearly stand out as a ‘group’ from other visitors in the park.

    Examples include: Marathon, bike race, ski race, music festival, flea market, events that move to various locations along a pre-approved route, polar dip, outdoor concert.

    The following are exceptions: Weddings, Family reunion, private meeting, private function.

  • Will your event require a Special Event License?

    Your event may require a Special Event License if any of the following conditions are met:

    • The event is located within Jasper National Park
      • and requires park amenities such as roadways, trails, or day use areas
      • and requires exclusive use of a public area or portion of a public area
    • The event has 50 or more participants
    • The event requires infrastructure such as tents, speakers, stages, generators etc.
    • The event could impact other visitors (e.g. displace visitors from park facilities, create congestion, etc.)
    • The event is recurring annually

    Note: While events under 50 participants may not require a Special Events Licence, they are required to follow all rules and regulations within the national park. If you have any questions about your event, please reach out to the Jasper National Park Special Events Team: jasperevents-evenementsjasper@pc.gc.ca.

  • Will Parks Canada consider licensing your event?

    Your event will be considered if it is:

    • a pre-existing event
    • a new event that that takes place outside the highest visitation window (after Thanksgiving long-weekend and before May long-weekend)

    Your event will not be considered if it is:

    • an event that is in clear violation of National Park Regulations
    • an event that uses:
      • firearms
      • drones
      • pyrotechnics
    • an event that uses trails
    • a new event that is motor vehicle based (e.g. Rally car race)
    • a new event that takes place from May long-weekend through Thanksgiving long-weekend

  • Where will your event take place?
    Jasper National Park
    Events which will take place entirely or partially on lands administered by Parks Canada must follow the process outlined on this webpage.
    Municipality of Jasper
    Events which will take place entirely or partially within the Municipality of Jasper boundaries must follow the MOJ special event application process and obtain approval from the Municipality of Jasper.
    Leasehold within Jasper National Park
    Events which will take place entirely on a leasehold within Jasper National Park do not require a Special Event license however must compile with all terms and conditions of the leasehold.
  • Application process

    Before you begin the special event application process be sure to review the information above to ensure:

    1. your event is considered a special event
    2. it will require a special event license
    3. Parks Canada will consider licensing your special event
    4. You follow the correct special event application for your event location

Step 1 - Feasibility review

The feasibility review will evaluate your Special Event concept and determine whether it should move forward in the application process. On the concept evaluation form you will be asked to provide information on:

  1. Who will be hosting
  2. What the proposed event entails
  3. Where the event would take place
  4. When the event would take place
  5. Why the event should take place in Jasper
  6. How many participants will be involved

Contact us via email to request a concept evaluation form: jasperevents-evenementsjasper@pc.gc.ca.

Step 2 – Application

The application form includes a series of YES/NO questions, some of which will require further detail in your event plan, considerations to guide your event planning, mandatory requirements that must be followed and additional ideas to enhance your event. The information contained in the application form should demonstrate a high level of commitment to these five guiding principles:

  1. Foster understanding of, and connection to, the park’s natural and cultural heritage.
  2. Respect the experience of non-participants by minimizing impacts on other park visitors.
  3. Ensure safety for people associated with the event and other park users.
  4. Involve and respect the local community.
  5. Demonstrate a commitment to the protection and sustainability of this special place.

A review of your application will identify any missing information and required support documents to complete your application for full multi-departmental review. After the first review of your application, the following documentation may be required:

  • wildlife response plan
  • medical and emergency response plan
  • traffic management plan
  • communication plan
  • proof of insurance
  • environmental impact assessment (not required in all cases)

Application does not guarantee approval. Final approval of your event is subject to Parks Canada completing a full review of the event application.

Step 3 - Licences required and associated fees

Licences will only be issued when the national park superintendent has granted final approval. Business licence, documentation and licence fees are non-refundable. Exchange of signed licences are to be completed no later than four weeks prior to the event date(s). Fees are compiled based on these items:

  • business licence
  • special event licence
  • cost recovery for Parks Canada staff time

May be required:

  • development and building permit

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