Graze quotas

Jasper National Park

Graze quotas have been set to reflect the amount of graze available at each campground.

  • Campgrounds that have a two-night maximum stay have limited graze.
  • Campgrounds that have a one-night maximum stay have very little, if any, graze. If you are planning to stay at one of these sites, we recommend packing in feed.

The exception is random camping areas where graze quotas have been set for environmental protection reasons.


Number of nights

Brazeau Trail System

McCready     1

Fiddle River Trail

 Slide Creek 3

Tonquin Valley

 Maccarib 3

Athabasca Pass

Middle Forks 2
Scott Camp 2
Kane Meadows 3

North Boundary Trail

Seldom Inn 3
Willow Creek 3
Welbourne 3
Blue Creek 1
Oatmeal 1
Twintree 3
Chown Creek 1
Timothy Slides 2
Adolphus 3
Little Heaven 3
Spruce Tree 3
Ancient Wall 3
Natural Arch 3

South Boundary Trail

Grizzly 1
Climax Creek 1
Rocky Forks 3
Medicene Tent 3
Cairn Pass 3
Isaac Creek 3

Random camping areas


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