Elk Island National Park

Wild Boars

Issued: December 15, 2021

Wild boar are farmed in Alberta as livestock. When they are not being raised as livestock, they are considered to be ‘at large’ and an invasive pest that can:

· damage property, agricultural crops, pastures and the environment, including through rooting (digging)

· endanger people and animals

· harass livestock and consume their feed, prey on young livestock and wildlife

· spread diseases that could be transmitted to wildlife, livestock, pets and people

· alter the ecosystem, including through wallowing that can contaminate water supplies, promote erosion and destroy fish habitat

· compete with wildlife and destroy other sensitive natural habitats

· consume the eggs of ground-nesting birds

· consume the young of some wildlife species

Elk Island National Park and the Province of Alberta discourage shooting boars because shooting and missing, or only killing a part of a sounder (group of pigs), alters behaviour, turns boars nocturnal, and can make efforts to catch and remove boars more difficult.  

Elk Island National Park is working collaboratively with the Province of Alberta to prevent the establishment of wild boar in the park by trapping and removing boars spotted within or near the park boundaries.

Wild boar sightings (dead or alive) in Elk Island National Park should be immediately reported to Parks Canada Dispatch at 780-852-6155 or toll free 1-877-852-3100.  If safe to do so, please take a picture of wild boar sightings and send to pnelkisland-elkislandnp@pc.gc.ca.

All other wild boar at-large sightings (dead or alive) should be immediately reported to the Government of Alberta: 310-FARM (3276) or af.wildboar@gov.ab.ca.

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