Elk Island National Park

Bison Loop closed to vehicle access

Issued: November 07, 2022

Ends: April 17, 2023

Increasing snow and winter road conditions in the Bison Loop are creating a high risk for visitor safety impacts.   On November 7, 2022, Parks Canada issued notification that the Bison Loop in Elk Island National Park would be closed to vehicle traffic to prioritize driver and visitor safety.  


Visitors may continue to access the Bison Loop area on foot.  Visitors may park at the Mud Lake parking lot and safely access the Bison Loop area.


Bison are wild animals.  Even though they look docile, bison are dangerous, unpredictable, and may charge without warning.  Safety is a shared responsibility.  Visitors have a responsibility to be informed and to explore the park in ways that ensure both visitor and wildlife are safe.  Do not approach a bison closer than 100 metres.

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