Elk Island National Park

Forests are important to the incredible diversity of species that call them home: birds, moose, elk, deer, and many others. To ensure the ecological integrity of Elk Island’s forests five important ecological indicators are monitored. The data collected help Parks Canada determine if active management of forest ecosystems is required.

Avian diversity and abundance

More than 250 species of birds have been sighted in Elk Island National Park.

Primary productivity: Plants at work

Satellite images of the forest and grasslands within Elk Island National Park have been gathered for several years. These images are used to create...

Forest vegetation community aerial survey

Elk Island National Park consists of various forest and grassland cover types that each contain their own unique species of flora and fauna.

Ungulate population survey

Protecting bison, elk, and moose in Elk Island National Park is a balancing act to ensure that populations do not become too big or too small.

Forest area burned

Fire reduces forest canopy and promotes new growth by allowing more sunlight to reach the forest floor, adds nutrients to forest soils, reduces parasite...

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