Scenic Drives

Banff National Park

Icefields Parkway | Bow Valley ParkwayLake Minnewanka Loop | Vermilion Lakes Drive

A network of paved parkways brings visitors up close with high-mountain scenery, turquoise lakes, glaciers and wildlife.

The world-famous Icefields Parkway stretches 232 kilometres along the Continental Divide, climbing from valley bottoms to alpine passes. Drive alongside tumbling glaciers, waterfalls and wildlife viewing areas.

Between the town of Banff and the village of Lake Louise, the 48-kilometre Bow Valley Parkway follows a lower elevation valley bottom. As the richest eco-zone in the park, it offers the best wildlife viewing. Along the way, stretch your legs and explore the cataracts of Johnston Canyon along a system of catwalks.

On the town of Banff’s doorstep, the 24-kilometre Lake Minnewanka Loop offers excellent wildlife viewing, especially at dawn and dusk. Montane meadows, family-friendly lakeside strolls, and excellent picnic spots make this a local favourite.

Finally, for a quick glimpse of Banff’s rich wetlands, travel on the 4.3-kilometre Vermilion Lakes Drive. Enjoy views of Mount Rundle, abundant birdlife and rich foliage in autumn. 

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