Get involved in conservation in Western Canada

Participate in these citizen science activities or volunteering opportunities on your next trip in Alberta and British Columbia. As a visitor, you can help protect the nature of these precious places.

Collect wildflower and native grass seed

A volunteer collecting seeds with mountains in the background.

Restore the native habitat of flowering plants! Assist staff and help collect native plant seeds, or transplant native grasses and other plants throughout the park.


Waterton Lakes National Park

Garry oak restoration

Volunteer helping remove invasive plants from the Garry Oak Learning Meadow.

Contribute to Parks Canada’s important work and help restore one of the rarest ecosystems in Canada. What will you be doing? Pulling weeds out of the ground and sorting and planting Camas bulbs and seedlings!

British Columbia

Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites

Record your nature observations

Coniferous tree tops with cones with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

Record all your plant or animal observations using the iNaturalist app. If you see any endangered whitebark or limber pine trees in the Mountain National Parks, add them in the app! This helps researchers who use the data understand where they grow, and which trees are infected by blister rust.

Every act counts

Participants gather at the campground beach shelter to hear a talk about Parks Canada's species at risk restoration projects.

Learn how to act in nature and how to respect wildlife to keep these special places thriving for generations to come.

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