Klondike National Historic Sites

There is even more to discover at Klondike National Historic Sites. Did you know that there are geocaches placed by Parks Canada within the town of Dawson City and in the goldfields? Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt that uses GPS coordinates to locate hidden caches. Each cache contains information about meaningful locations and people commemorated in the Klondike, as well as a secret question and a bonus fact about the place it was found. Correctly answer four of the secret questions, and you will receive a small token from the Parks Canada desk at the Visitor Information Centre.

Instructions for geocaching in Dawson City and the goldfields:

  1. On your smartphone, download the geocaching app or create a free account at and search geocache locations in the area.
  2. When you find a geocache, sign the log sheet inside. When you are finished with the geocache, close it securely and place it back exactly where you found it.
  3. Bring your secret question answers to the Parks Canada desk in the Visitor Information Centre to claim your prize. You only need four correct answers to get a prize.

Need a GPS? Borrow one for the day from the Parks Canada desk in the Visitor Information Centre (deposit required).


Our caches:

Dawson Historic Complex

Klondike goldfields


*Please note that there is no internet in the Goldfields, and the “Pan of Gold” geocache is not accessible outside of the summer visitor season.

Happy Caching!

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