Daily Fun from field to fork

Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site

A team of horses shake their manes and clip-clop towards the wheat fields to begin work for the day. Join them for a morning’s hard but happy labour harvesting the golden wheat in the old-fashioned way. Dig deep into the recent past and connect the family history of Motherwell with your own as you experience a way of life as old as Western Canada in the original stone walled homestead of W.R. Motherwell, the Grand Old Man of Agriculture.

Celebrate the annual festivals on the farm with knowledgeable staff in period costume on hand to help show you the ropes from milking the dairy herd to feeding the pigs. Rediscover a long-forgotten sense of connection to this land, to its animals and to its people. Later at the long table, share pride in the harvest’s bounty and break home-made bread with new friends.

Self-guided experiences

We are a self-guided National Historic Site. Be sure to check out the new and exciting ways to discover Motherwell Homestead.

Self-guided experience booklet

Explore Motherwell Homestead at your own pace with this booklet and map, including optional activities. 

Xplorers for Kids!

Do your kids like to Xplore? They can have FUN doing activities and collecting COOL souvenirs at Motherwell Homestead and other Parks Canada sites in Saskatchewan. Go to the Visitor Centre and ask to become a Parks Canada Xplorer. Free with entry.

Off the beaten path

A group of people on a nature trail looking out over a small lake.

Take a stroll on the Stueck Nature Walk trail then taste the delicious flavours from the Off the Beaten Path Café and gift shop.

*The Friends of the Motherwell Homestead Inc. is a volunteer, not-for-profit and charitable organization committed to working with Parks Canada to enhance public awareness, appreciation and enjoyment for visitors.

Contact Homestead National Historic Site for more information on all activities.

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