Day camps

Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site

Pull on a cap or tie on a bonnet and scramble into the authentic costume of a hired hand at the turn of the twentieth century and get ready for two unforgettable days learning how children used to live on the farm. No screens to swipe, no joysticks to squabble over, kids can discover the joy of working and playing on the land.

With 20 acres of land set aside as a historical record of prairie farm life in the 1900s, the homestead’s little helpers can get their hands dirty harvesting fresh produce and learning how to care for a cow.

Even the smallest pioneers are not left out: under sixes can flap along to join the Little Red Hen club in the farmhouse kitchen at lunchtime for a midday bread baking session and learn about the connection between that golden wheat outside and the bread dough on their face!

Children’s day camps

A unique experiential 2-day program for children ages 6 to 12.

  • Children spend each day dressed in historic costuming, helping with daily chores around the farm.
  • Hired hands help children learn about WR Motherwell, historic agriculture techniques and the skills needed to survive during the settlement period.
  • Activities include: period games, a traditional meal in the Stone House, ice cream and rope making
  • looking after farm animals, learn about draft horses and more…

Activities may change without notice

Two fun-filled days your kids will love! Tuesday/Wednesdays in July and August. Dates fill fast Reserve your spot today.

Special event, program or rental fees may apply

Little Red Hen

Do you have a little red hen aged 1 to 6 that likes to help out around the kitchen? Why don’t you and your little hens scratch around with our hired hands for a mid-day bread baking experience and learn what it takes to make a loaf of bread from start to finish. Space is limited!

Thursdays in July and August. Reserve your spot today.

Special Event, Program or Rental Fees May Apply

Club Parka!

I am Parka, the proud founder of Club Parka! With my activities, I encourage you to explore, discover, learn and have fun! Some activities are for you to do on your own, and others you can do with your family and friends. Go to the Visitor Centre and ask to become a member of Club Parka – you can collect COOL souvenirs at Motherwell Homestead and other Parks Canada locations! Free with entry.

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