Film and photography

Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site

If you would like to use this National Historic Site for a film shoot, here is what you need to know. 

How to submit a proposal

Request form for film & video permit (PDF, 273 mo)

  • Submit your completed form by email to the Québec Field Unit team at least 15 days prior to your shoot. If your request is received outside of this time frame, Parks Canada reserves the right to refuse your request.
  • Parks Canada will screen your proposal for potential impact on cultural, natural and human resources and respect for the ecological and commemorative integrity of the historic site.
  • If your application is accepted by Parks Canada, you will be required to provide proof of insurance (see liabilities and insurance tab).
  • A filming fee will be charged according to our filming list of fees (see next tab). The amount will be indicated on the permit.
  • Payment of the fee and insurance must be received prior to signing the permit by both parties.

If necessary, Parks Canada representative(s) will accompany the production crew for surveillance.

Flying a drone safely and legally

In all Parks Canada locations, the use of drones for recreational purposes is prohibited.

To fly drones for non-recreational purposes, you will need to:

  • Submit a filming request
  • Obtain permission from the Field Unit Superintendent
  • Confirm that you are in compliance with Transport Canada requirements

The risks and impacts of using drones vary depending on the time, season and location; therefore, each application is assessed separately.

For more details, visit the section on drone use at Parks Canada places.

List of Fees for filming rights
Production Crew Size (persons) Application Fee (per project) Location Fee (per day)
1 to 6 $153.50 $511.25
7 to 15 $383.50 $1,022.75
16 to 30 $767.00 $1,533.75
31 to 99 $2,556.25 $2,045.25
100 and more $3,067.75 $2,556.25

Please note that discounts may apply depending on content, communication objectives and target audiences.

Liabilities and insurance

To obtain a filming permit, organizers must, at their own expense, obtain and maintain third party general liability insurance of at least $2,000,000 for low risk filming, and $5,000,000 for moderate or high risk filming in the event of death or injury to one or more persons as a result of an incident.

They shall designate His Majesty the King, in Right of Canada, as represented by the Minister of Environment for the purpose of the Parks Canada Agencyas an additional named insured. This policy shall contain the following coverages for Her Majesty: pain and suffering, bodily injury including death, property damage and contractual liability insured under the permit.

The certificate of insurance must be received prior to the signing of the permit by both parties. The address to be used on the certificate of insurance shall be :

Québec Field Unit, Parks Canada
2, D'Auteuil Street
Québec, Québec
G1R 5C2

Travel medias

Travel media representatives who wish to visit Parks Canada places in person and undertake a film or photo shoot, may require a film/photo permit, or may simply need to register your project. This will depend on the scale of the project. For more information, you are invited to visit the travel media sectionor to contact the Québec Field Unit team to discuss your project. 

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