Canada C3 at Lachine Canal

Lachine Canal National Historic Site

The Canada C3 and Parks Canada ambassadors were introduced on the banks of the Lachine Canal in Montreal. Here is a memory of this meeting of passionate young Canadians.

The Canada C3 project is a 150 day journey along the three coasts of Canada, a journey that allows inspired Canadian artists and scientists to share their stories and hopes for the next 150 years of Canada. The Canada C3 ship began its journey in Toronto in July 2017, and will be finishing its voyage in Victoria by taking the North West passage.

Meeting of passionate young Canadians


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Ambassadors on bicycles

The Parks Canada and the C3 Youth Ambassadors recently spent a day together at the Lachine Canal National Historic site in Montreal

It was an inspiring meeting of passionate young Canadians

Why do you think it's important for young people to be able to access nature?

As a first nations person, I have a deep connection to the land. I was born and raised in Victoria, BC and so I go home

to take care of our territory every summer. We go hunting for moose and fish.

All of our cultural practices are done up there and so

Image of a man fishing

it has really helped to shape who I am as a person and to build my leadership.

Images of the ambassadors in the "Le Petit Navire" boat

One of the main messages is that Kim and I are trying to get across this summer is the aspect of diversity and inclusion

that everyone has the right to access these public spaces and everyone really should.

Image of La Place du Marché

Image of the Lachine Canal

If their was one thing that, you guys, want to see, to make nature more accessible or to make people know more about nature. What would that be?

Image of the Lachine Canal

I think that it would be nice to build a partnership with schools for marganalized communities.

Images of the Lachine canal

That would be great to make sure that these schools have access to this sort of program.

Images of cyclists on the Lachine Canal bicycke path

I believe it would be a great thing to try to build partnership Not only that, but the demographic of Canada is changing so much, you know, right now.

So you have to incorporate the fact that the cities are getting bigger and bigger.

Images of the Lachine Canal

Thank you so much, and thank you for this morning. It was so amazing!

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