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Carillon Canal National Historic Site

Voyageurs and First Nations would have loved a route bypassing the dramatic Long-Sault rapids on the Ottawa River, saving them an arduous portage.

As part of a network of canals between Montreal and Ottawa, the Carillon Canal was built to meet a military objective, but upon its opening in 1833, it was used for commercial purposes.

Watch the spectacular 200-tonne guillotine gate - unique in North America – as it allows vessels to navigate a 20-metre drop in the river.

Walk through history in the former Carillon military barracks, a Georgian structure built in 1836 that houses tools, clothing, furniture, and archival materials recounting past eras of the region's inhabitants.

Finish off the day with a visit to the Carillon hydroelectric dam to marvel at the magnitude of the Ottawa River's most powerful generating station.

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