Conservation Project

Province House National Historic Site

Timeline and FAQs

Province House National Historic Site conservation project timeline and frequently asked questions.

The story of Province House's construction is significant: the details of the building's fabric, structure and components. This is a story that must be fully understood as we move forward with our conservation efforts, to ensure we are effectively protecting the building and conserving its character-defining features for generations to come. 

Province House National Historic Site is more than 170 years old and the Government of Canada is proudly investing in the conservation of this heritage building. Improvements to this historic site will enable Parks Canada to continue sharing the rich and varied heritage of our nation and provide an opportunity for Canadians to learn more about our diverse history. 

360-degree tour

Enjoy a 360-degree tour of the interior of Province House during this conservation project, and compare it to the site’s previous state before the project began.

Timeline and Frequently Asked Questions

To showcase the history and some of the more prominent conservation efforts at Province House National Historic Site, Parks Canada has created a timeline from 1837 to present day to show the evolution of this treasured place, along with frequently asked questions (FAQs) to provide additional information on the conservation project. 

A Landmark Conservation Project

Design and methods used during the construction in 1847 are not the same as modern building techniques. In conservation projects like this, initial investigations are time consuming and these first steps are crucial to ensure a successful project.

Province House National Historic Site closed in January 2015 to allow for the investigation of the building's structure to begin. Since the building's closure, Parks Canada and Public Services and Procurement Canada Project Team have undertaken a series of detailed investigations to gain an understanding of the building's unique structure.

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